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Photoshop Scripting Documentation Photoshop Scripting Documentation File Formats Adobe Photoshop File Formats Specification Adobe Color Book File Format Specification Forums PS-SCRIPTS.COM PS-Scripts (2015-03-15 archive) Photoshop Scripting Forum JavaScript Javascript JSLint JavaScript | MDN Standard built-in objects JSON JSON JSONLint – … Continue reading

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Color Names

W3C Color Names X11 Color Names

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JSON Action Manager

Description “JSON Action Manager” is an open-source scripting library for Adobe Photoshop, written in JavaScript, and licensed using GPLv3. It allows developers to interact with the underlying Action Manager using a simpler (please refer also to the page to get … Continue reading

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Free resources for Photoshop: Custom color books. Lists of W3C and X11 color names. Miscellaneous utilities: “CIDR to IP range” and “IP range to CIDR list” calculators.

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Color Object Simplified Format

Input format of jamHelpers.toColorObject. Output format of jamHelpers.fromColorObject. Explicit format Defined as a JSON object: Color class JSON object Book color {     “book”: book,     “name”: name,     “bookID”: bookID,     “bookKey”: bookKey }or {     “book”: book,     “name”: name }or {     “bookID”: bookID, … Continue reading

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Get User Colors Code

Description “Get User Colors Code” is a code utility script using the scripting library. This stand-alone script written in JavaScript opens a dialog box with a text field containing the code used to set user colors to the current foreground … Continue reading

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