JSON Photoshop Scripting

JSON Photoshop Scripting IconPlease refer to the different parts of the JSON Photoshop Scripting project:

  • JSON Project Introduction
    Introduction to the JSON Photoshop Scripting project.
  • JSON Action Manager
    Scripting library for Adobe Photoshop, written in JavaScript.
  • JSON Action Toolbox
    Set of automation plug-ins for Adobe Photoshop, running on Mac OS X.
  • JSON AM Data Format
    Data specification of the common JSON format used by the various programming tools.
  • JSON Simplified Formats
    Data specification of the simplified formats used by the helper functions of the jamHelpers module, and by the functions related to layers (adjustment layers, fill layers, layer styles, layer text) of the jamLayers, jamStyles and jamText modules

Latest versions of all programming tools belonging to this project, as well as Scripts making use of them, are available from the Downloads section, or individually from their respective pages.

Documentation, Tutorials and FAQ are also provided.

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